As part of the comprehensive POD solution, the system will provide advanced security screening of all PAX and CREW prior to acquiring permits. Governments and agencies throughout the world frequently publish and update lists of personnel and entities who are restricted from entering countries or conducting business in that state.

Aerogon specializes in pooling together industry leading resources to provide governments, ANSP's and aviation authorities consultancy services in technology and organizational development. We work closely with key industry players that allows us to leverage their capabilities and provide you the access to the best knowledge available in the market


POD is a fully automated permit issuance technology for ANSP’s to issue flight permits for operators. It is a guided transition from legacy system to an automated infrastructure. POD uses proven state-of-the-art technology components integrated into your existing system via cloud based services.

ASSURE is a software application designed to address a regulator’s internal operations and audit tracking. The system is designed to address ICAO’s 8 Critical Elements and ensure compliance for a regulators future audits. ASSURE is designed for professionals by professionals in the aviation regulation space, give you the assurance with guaranteed improvement in your operational performance as a regulator.

BANE is the purpose-built, fully integrated aeronautical billing services. The easier, smarter way to manage revenue. BANE is the only fully integrated and managed aeronautical billing service purpose-build for ANSPs, which simplifies and automates the billing process.